Quality policies

23/04/2018 - 13:32:35



“QUALITY – SAFETY – EFFICIENCY” – to satisfy the customer better.

– Quality policies affirm the company’s orientation towards the customer, the long-term goal that the company has been following in order to remain the core values and sustainability in operation and development, include :

 Quality::including quality of products, quality of service and quality in relationships;

 Safety: is safe in the product usage, safe at work, safe in relationships with business partners and customers;

 Efficiency: is the efficiency in using products, efficiency in production and business, efficiency in the work of each staff, effective in customer relations and business partners, effective in the relationship between the divisions within the company.

– Quality policy is the motto of the company that each employee must thoroughly and deeply understand. Each employee must constantly strive to study and practice in order to improve their professional qualifications to fulfill their roles and duties, which will meet the increasing requirements of customers.