Yen Bai Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (Ypharco)

23/04/2018 - 14:36:49


Yen Bai Pharmaceutical Company is a state-owned unit established in 1996 on the basis of merging two companies and pharmaceutical enterprises of the province.

In January 2003, following the policy of the State, the company was equitized and converted into Yen Bai Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (YPHARCO).


– Abbreviated name: : YPHARCO

– Address: No. 725 – Yen Ninh Street – Yen Bai City – Yen Bai Province

– Phone: 02163.852.523

– Fax: 02163.850.364

– Website:

– Email:

The products of the company have been highly appreciated by consumers such as Cam Xuyen Huong, An Thao, YBA, Phu Gia…

After equitization, as we defining the orientation of the Yen Bai’s pharmaceutical industry, the company has invested more machinery, manufacturing euipment, upgraded factories, focused on research and development of new products , innovated technology, modernized business establishments. Those decisions were the first steps of opening a promising path leading to strong growth and improvement of products quantity and quality. Since then, the quality of the products have also increased, the production output also increased rapidly to meet the increasing demands of our customers.

So far, our company has gradually overcome the difficulties, we have established the brand YPHARCO and consolidated its position in the market.
During the development process, the company was honored to receive many valuable prizes such as: At the Medi pharm Expo 2006, the company was awarded the Golden Cup for the brand of safe pharmaceuticals. One of our products, Cam Xuyen Huong was awarded with the Golden Medal. In 2007, the company was awarded two awards: Gold Trademark and Quality Award. In 2008, the company was honored to receive the 2008 Vietnam Quality Award, the Vietnam Compassion Award 2008, the Gold Cup for International Economic Integration 2008 and in especially, in 2008 the company was honored to be in Top 100 brands in Vietnam by the magazine of Vietnam Brand and award..