Bepharco is proud to be the leading pharmaceutical company in Vietnam and has become a prestigious strategic partner of many international pharmaceutical companies.
History of
Over half a century of history of establishment and development, Bepharco is now one of the largest contributors to Vietnam's pharmaceutical industry, helping to realize the goal of bringing Vietnamese products to the world.
Reach out to the
Keep improving and expanding our distribution network in Vietnam and South East Asia, toward the top 5 biggest Vietnamese pharmaceutical companies. Promoting cooperation with foreign partners in Europe and Asia.
For better
public health
Bepharco – Pioneer of healthy living. Community health care is at the heart of all our activities.
international cooperation
Joining the trend of international integration and participating in the globalization process of Vietnam, Bepharco is always active in cooperating with foreign partners and welcomes new potential partners.


& Partners
Bepharco thrives today, thanks in part to its strong network of affiliated companies & member. We accompany and stand side by side for a common goal of improving community health.
Typical customers
Bepharco has 2,300 customers who are hospitals, hospital pharmacies; 1,600 customers are organizations and companies; 27,000 pharmacy and pharmacy customers; 3,500 clinics.
They are impressive numbers that few pharmaceutical companies have like Bepharco. In which, typical loyal customers are large enterprises and units with nationwide scale and strong potential.
Bepharco is one of the few pharmaceutical companies capable of distributing products across 63 provinces and cities across the country as well as exporting many products to the world.