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Traditional Medicine is a term used to refer to the medical sector associated with East Asian countries, such as China, Vietnam, Japan and Korea. Traditional Medicine is highly practical where many medical documents have been recorded, passed on, verified and improved to assure effectiveness, continuously over many years. Vietnam has more than 4000 years of history; traditional medicine in Vietnam has also followed the history to develop more.

Many methods of traditional medicine have been approved by World Health Organization (WHO). For example, in 2002, WHO first published more than 40 diseases, symptoms and disorders that were effectively treated by acupuncture.

 Some of the other uses of traditional medicine are also included in the technical list from the Vietnamese Ministry of Health. It proves for the effectiveness in treatment following the scientific foundation of traditional medicine.

 At this moment, many methods of traditional medicine have been modernised, and in combination with “Western medicine” brings many positive and fast results to patients.