Frequent use of air conditioning causes cough with phlegm

The heavy use of cooling equipment in hot weather can contribute to a decrease in temperature and reduce discomfort. However, if used improperly and without periodic cleaning, these devices can irritate the respiratory tract and lead to coughing with phlegm.

Therefore, if you use cooling devices in hot weather, you should: 

- Use them properly and ensure regular cleaning to minimize cough and phlegm. 


- Note the time of use and frequency so as not to make the air too dry and irritate the respiratory tract. 

Drinking enough water and maintaining a cool, comfortable living and working environment will help mitigate this.
You can choose for yourself a preparation for cough with phlegm stored in the current rainy and s

unny season.Produced on modern lines, the Halixol product line imported from Hungary is one of the effective solutions for cough with phlegm. With the active ingredient Ambroxol has the effect of enhancing and stimulating the process of mucus production (mucin) in the respiratory tract, helping to soothe and soften sputum, thereby helping to reduce cough symptoms and easier expel sputum. 

In addition, Ambroxol has a stimulating effect on the activity of cells that kill bacteria and phagocytes in the bronchi, which enhances the prevention of infections and reduces inflammation in the respiratory tract.

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