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Tobramycin is a popular antibiotic product, eye drops used by many people due to the wide spectrum of action with bacterial infections that cause swelling, redness, burning pain or inflammation of the eye area... So how should Tobramycin be used?

Ceftriaxone is a beta-lactam cephalosporin antibiotic with strong broad-spectrum antimicrobial abilities and should be used in the treatment of severe bacterial infections.
Bisoprolol is a commonly prescribed medication in the treatment of high blood pressure. The use of this medication should be as directed to achieve the best blood pressure control effect.

Diabetes, especially type 2 diabetes, often doesn't show symptoms until it's advanced. If not detected and treated in time, diabetes patients will be prone to extremely dangerous complications.


Vildagliptin is a type 2 diabetes medication, DPP-4 (Dipeptidyl peptidase - 4) inhibitor group, also known as gliptin group, helps control blood sugar and HbA1C, the binding index of sugar on Hb (hemoglobin) of red blood cells.